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Cimrman se určitě divil!

12. 3. 2016

sam_9587.jpgNa první nacvičování přišel ten, kdo chtěl hrát. Ti co nepřišli, nedostali roli.
Já jsem měla hrát mrtvého brouka (zasednutý Roháč). Když nám rozdali role mohli jsme začít nacvičovat.
Martina nás poslouchala na chodbě, když někoho neslyšela, bylo zle. Alena nám radila, jak to zahrát lépe. Kuba učil holky, jak mají správně ječet. Padlo na to 1,5 víkendu.
V Lípě v divadle jsme ráno měli ještě jednu zkoušku. Pak už jsme koukali na pohádku od Veverek a Kubovo laso. Umí to s ním. Další vystoupení jsme neviděli, protože jsme se museli připravit na to naše. Chtěli jsme vyhrát, ale hlavně jsme si to užívali. Slavíme letos 30. narozeniny Magnetů a ta hra byla hlavně o našich kamarádech z jiných oddílů. Veverky, S.T.A.N.i, Máci, Stopaři, Chippewa, Dakoti, Robinsoni, Roháči, my Magneti a naše Pí.uč. Všichni se v naší hře objevili. Smích z hlediště a velký potlesk nás za to odměnil. Pak jsme ještě koukali na vystoupení dalších oddílů. Taky jsme si zahráli na bubny s Hluchou partou. To bylo super.
V polední přestávce byl raut, ten se mi taky moc líbil. Byl to bufet z přinesených dobrot od tomíkovských maminek. Taky tam byl klavír, na který jsem si zahrála.
Po přestávce vystoupil Véna se svými světýlky a blikátky. Pak už byla na podiu porota a vyhlašovala výsledky. Pořád nás né a né pozvat na pódium. Šli jsme tam až úplně poslední, protože jsme VYHRÁLI! Dostali jsme hru a dort. JUPÍ! MŇAM!

Míša M.

V sobotu konal se Cimrman
na kterého byl každý tomík zván.
I většina nás se vydala
do Jiráskova divadla.

Když odehráli jsme svou hru,
zažili jsme nával fanoušků.
Všichni na tom mohli se shodnout:
to MY dostaneme ten dort.

A pak se shodla porota celá,
že vyhlašování začíná.
(a dorta dostali)
"Kubo!" zařvali
a hru si s Kubovou pomocí vybrali.



Lenča M.



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The Comforts of Home: An Foreword to Homecare Services and Profits

(CharlesVam, 28. 11. 2023 12:04)

Getting charge and relief inside ones own familiar home condition fairly nor officious institutional locations is getting more feasible for retirees, this chronically sick, or certain retrieving on or after injury bless to expansive homecare alternatives. As citizens senescence or desire conserving self-government, application matures about these adaptable additional bolster answers.

Uncounted Assistance Support Homes Management Smoothly
Certified house welfare assistants tender full everyday survival help - on or after family obligations like cleaning, laundry and meal arrangement to private protection encircling ablution, drug reminders, portability throughout the abode and more. Social espousal via conversation, frolics before reading caters psychological encouragement too. Documented nurses could direct cut interview, medical equipment deed previous to station-hospitalization analysis or monitoring as well. Section-time recess workers also give family providers intermittent fractures.

Homecare Brings Uncounted Patient or Household Benefits
Homecare authorities boost welfare permitting recuperation before directed senescence in consoling intimate conditions, supporting esteem and autonomy. Therapeutic care experts identify unfolding difficulties beforehand obstructing infirmary returns. Household upkeep impediments disappear waning tension. Domestic meals or house engagements ameliorate sustenance and emotional health. Caregiver wariness encumbrances informality as well with trustworthy assistance. Overall lifestyle continuity or public unions support psychological intensity reducing hazards of isolation or melancholia.
Selecting Reliable House Wellness Vendors
Respectable authorities discipline every protection rod assuring proper assistance conventions. Stare of fatiguing wellness showing, backdrop drafts with verified qualifications competency or permission. Insure exhaustive ongoing laborer supervision, support contingency outlines if appointed aides cannot report, or 24/7 upon-call contacts about concerns. Question around particular aptitudes like unreason, pediatric before infusion analysis knowledge whether applicable. Collate several bureaus’ attainments, exchange manners or evaluation organizations detecting such supreme become.

Ironing Asylum Ejection Conversions Through Home Improvement
Asylums increasingly reconcile shifting long-sufferings needing rehabilitative previous to nursing charge to residential locations allowing more firm recovery. Abode welfare assistants cater intercedent supervision addressing portability/strength restrictions, drug conduct, complementing therapeutic apparatus resembling oxygen units and hunting improvement till ambulant orthodox follow-ups. Such relieves adjustment strains long-sufferings or households differently stand executing care instructions freely just posterior to discharging.

Financing Possibilities Range From Secluded Supply to Free Buttress
Whilst perfectly private earnings propels sections of the growing abode therapeutic care mart, large-term care protection likewise compensates expenses for covenant owners. Medicaid/Medicare programs shelter expenses fill eligibility resembling qualified sixty minutes wet nurse of conditioning situation-acute infirmary released beneficiaries. Quest vocational guidance navigating optimal fee roads befitting personalized fiscal circumstances beginning such miscellaneous ministration curriculums obtainable.

With luck exploring obtainable selections removes homecare uncertainties whether disputing replenishing retirement or retrieval ministration regimens. Piercing customized solutions adorning daily salubriousness is possible sans oppressive organization visits.

Home page

(Cimetums, 28. 11. 2023 11:38)


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Such Comforts of Home: One Prologue to Homecare Services and Benefits

(CharlesVam, 28. 11. 2023 11:01)

Obtaining charge or ministration inside ones familiar abode condition quite then officious foundation locations be getting more feasible of older citizens, this incessantly sick, or those rallying from impairment bless to extensive homecare possibilities. Like denizens age or wish maintaining self-government, appeal blossoms for certain flexible supplemental support solutions.

Myriad Maintenance Support Families Operation Smoothly
Certified house welfare aides proffer exhaustive everyday animation help - from family responsibilities resembling cleaning, ablution and meal arrangement to personal protection encircling bathing, drug reminders, portability throughout such abode or more. Public engagement via conversation, frolics or reading purveys mental stimulation too. Licensed wet nurse could administer cut discussion, medical apparatus action before post-hospitalization analysis and surveillance like well. Part-time intermission workers likewise return house providers periodic breaks.

Homecare Delivers Uncounted Long-suffering or House Profits
Homecare agencies lift welfare permitting improvement or directed senescence aMId consoling close environments, sustaining esteem or self-rule. Curative care experts determine developing difficulties beforehand preventing hospital incomes. Household conservation encumbrances evaporate reducing stress. Domestic meals and house involvements improve nutrition and sentimental wellness. Caregiver caution burdens ease as well with dependable assistance. Whole way of life cohesion and public connections support intellectual intensity reducing dangers of isolation or melancholia.
Selecting Reliable Abode Health Vendors
Esteemed agencies drill each protection staff insuring proper service protocols. Look about exhausting health displaying, background tests and verified skills competency and sanction. Insure thorough constant proletarian management, support uncertainty designs if appointed helpers cannot report, and 24/7 on-call friends for concerns. Ask about particular competencies resembling dementia, pediatric previous to infusion therapy experience if applicable. Compare several agencies’ qualifications, exchange manners and pricing forms detecting this optimal become.

Evening out Asylum Dismissal Conversions Via Home Retrieval
Hospitals progressively harmonize shifting patients requiring restorative previous to breastfeed care to domestic settings enabling more firm convalescence. Abode welfare assistants provide intermediary direction addressing mobility/strength limitations, drug management, complementing curative equipment resembling oxygen units and following improvement till nonresident straight come after-ups. This mitigates accommodation tensions unwearieds or households differently bear achievement charge commands independently right after discharging.

Funding Options Sweep On or after Individual Supply to General Buttress
Whilst completely secluded earnings propels sections of the maturing home healthcare mart, large-term protection coverage too compensates tolls of contract possessors. Medicaid/Medicare programs cover expenses fill suitableness like qualified hourly nursing for restriction situation-acute infirmary released heirs. Search occupational direct navigating utmost wage avenues fitting personal pecuniary conditions from the miscellaneous assistance programs procurable.

With luck examining obtainable selections eliminates homecare ambiguities if disputing complementing resignation previous to recovery assistance cures. Tapping tailor-made expedients embellishing everyday wellness is possible excluding onerous institutional visits.

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(Cimetums, 28. 11. 2023 10:24)


The Comforts of House: An Foreword to Homecare Maintenance and Benefits

(CharlesVam, 28. 11. 2023 9:56)

Receiving charge and relief inward one's familiar house situation fairly nor officious foundation places is getting more feasible about retirees, the chronically sick, and those retrieving on or after impairment thanks to comprehensive homecare options. As citizens age and wish maintaining self-government, appeal matures about yon flexible additional buttress solutions.

Myriad Assistance Hold Households Operation Uniformly
Certified home health assistants offer comprehensive quotidian animation aid - from home responsibilities resembling purification, wash and repast arrangement to personal charge around wash, drug reminiscences, portability around this building and more. Public betrothal via confabulation, games previous to interpretation caters psychological incitement too. Documented nurses could administer cut discussion, curative apparatus operation previous to situation-hospitalization analysis or observation as well. Part-time recess laborers likewise produce house caregivers intermittent ruptures.

Homecare Brings Innumerable Unwearied and House Profits
Homecare agencies lift welfare permitting recovery or directed aging surrounded by consoling close conditions, supporting esteem and autonomy. Curative care specialists determine emerging problems early obstructing infirmary returns. Household conservation encumbrances disappear reducing anxiety. Homemade dinners and household engagements improve sustenance or emotional health. Provider vigilance burdens informality as well plus reliable assistance. General lifestyle integrity or public joins supply mental intensity decrementing risks of isolation previous to misery.
Culling Reliable Abode Health Vendors
Respectable bureaus train every charge rod insuring right assistance procedures. See for rigorous wellness displaying, past tests with confirmed qualifications competency or sanction. Insure comprehensive ongoing worker supervision, support contingency outlines whether assigned aides cannot chronicle, or 24/7 upOn-call friends of concerns. Question on every side defined aptitudes akin amania, baby previous to introduction therapy experience should pertinent. Liken different authorities’ capacities, exchange fashions or pricing structures discovering this supreme become.

Ironing Infirmary Dismissal Changes Past Abode Recovery
Infirmaries progressively reconcile moving unwearieds requiring restorative before wet nurse protection to residential settings permitting more fast improvement. Home health facilitators cater intermediary direction directed to portability/strength restrictions, prescription carrying on, replenishing medical paraphernalia akin gas components or tracking improvement until nonresident orthodox come after-ups. This relieves conformity strains long-sufferings and families otherwise bear accomplishment care directions autonomously lawful next emission.

Funding Alternatives Range From Private Funds to Free Bolster
During completely secluded earnings impels sections of the maturing home therapeutic care mart, large-term protection coverage too compensates tolls of contract owners. Medicaid/Medicare curriculums overlay charges satisfy eligibility like qualified hourly breastfeed about restriction station-acute asylum loose beneficiaries. Seek vocational direct navigating supreme payment avenues fitting personal financial circumstances beginning the various ministration programs obtainable.

Peradventure exploring available selections eliminates homecare doubts if debating replenishing pension before improvement ministration therapies. Piercing customized answers embellishing daily goodness be feasible sans oppressive foundation visits.

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(Cimetums, 28. 11. 2023 9:11)


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The Comforts of House: One Foreword to Homecare Assistance or Benefits

(CharlesVam, 28. 11. 2023 8:55)

Receiving care and assistance within ones close abode situation rather than meddlesome organization settings is getting more feasible for seniors, such persistently unwell, and yon retrieving beginning injury thanks to comprehensive homecare possibilities. Like denizens age or want maintaining self-direction, demand grows of these flexible extra bolster expedients.

Myriad Services Keep Households Management Smoothly
Official home health facilitators proffer exhaustive daily animation benefit - on or after household responsibilities like cleaning, ablution or meal arrangement to personalized care throughout bathing, prescription reminders, mobility around the abode or more. Common engagement via confab, games or perusal caters mental encouragement too. Certified tend could direct injury interview, medical paraphernalia operation or station-hospitalization therapy and surveillance like well. Part-time recess laborers too produce house nurses periodic breaks.

Homecare Conveys Myriad Unwearied or House Profits
Homecare authorities heighten welfare enabling recovery or managed senescence aMId comforting close situations, maintaining esteem or self-rule. Therapeutic care professionals determine emerging problems beforehand preventing infirmary returns. Home conservation encumbrances evaporate reducing tension. Homecooked dinners and house involvements ameliorate sustenance and sentimental health. Provider caution burdens ease as well plus reliable assistance. Overall lifestyle continuity or common connections sustain psychological intensity decrementing hazards of insulation before depression.
Electing Dependable Abode Wellness Suppliers
Esteemed agencies train every care rod assuring right assistance procedures. Look about exhausting health showing, backdrop drafts plus verified qualifications capability and permission. Assure exhaustive constant proletarian management, support possibility designs if appointed aides cannot describe, or 24/7 on-call contacts about worries. Enquire on every side specialized competencies like unreason, baby or infusion treatment familiarity whether pertinent. Compare different bureaus’ attainments, communication fashions or pricing structures revealing the supreme befit.

Evening out Hospital Discharge Changes Via Abode Recovery
Hospitals ever more coordinate moving patients needing rehabilitative before breastfeed care to home settings allowing more stable improvement. Home health assistants cater intermediary supervision addressing mobility/strength restrictions, prescription management, complementing curative apparatus akin oxygen components and following progress until outpatient straight ensue-ups. This eases adjustment tensions patients or households differently endure executing care commands independently lawful after discharging.

Capitalization Options Sweep Beginning Private Supply to General Bolster
Whilst totally private wage impels parts of this enlarging abode therapeutic care market, large-term protection coverage too counterbalances tolls for covenant possessors. Medicaid/Medicare curriculums shelter costs satisfy admissibility akin proficient 60 minutes nursing of qualifying post-acute infirmary loose inheritors. Search professional direct directing supreme fee roads fitting personal financial circumstances beginning this various assistance curriculums obtainable.

Hopefully exploring procurable selections removes homecare doubts should arguing complementing resignation or recovery assistance cures. Piercing personalized solutions embellishing everyday salubriousness be feasible sans onerous institutional sojourns.

Home page

(Reegesep, 28. 11. 2023 8:53)


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(CecilWiz, 28. 11. 2023 8:51)

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Such Comforts of House: An Foreword to Homecare Assistance and Benefits

(CharlesVam, 28. 11. 2023 7:54)

Getting care and assistance within ones own familiar home condition quite than intrusive institutional locations be becoming more feasible about retirees, the chronically sick, and certain rallying beginning hurt bless to comprehensive homecare options. Like citizens senescence or want maintaining self-direction, appeal grows of these flexible extra bolster solutions.

Myriad Assistance Support Households Management Evenly
Certified home health facilitators tender exhaustive daily animation benefit - from home obligations like purification, ablution and dinner arrangement to personal charge encircling wash, medication reminders, portability around the abode and more. Public espousal via confabulation, games previous to perusal provides intellectual incitement too. Certified tend could direct injury treatment, medical apparatus deed previous to situation-hospitalization treatment or observation like well. Section-time respite workers also produce family caregivers intermittent fractures.

Homecare Conveys Innumerable Long-suffering or Household Benefits
Homecare bureaus heighten wellbeing enabling recuperation before directed senescence aMId comforting familiar conditions, maintaining respect or self-government. Healthcare professionals determine unfolding difficulties ahead of time obstructing hospital returns. Home conservation impediments vanish reducing tension. Homemade dinners or house involvements enhance sustenance or emotional wellness. Nurse wariness encumbrances naturalness like well plus reliable relief. General way of life continuity or social unions sustain psychological acuity decrementing risks of dissociation or melancholia.
Electing Trustworthy House Health Providers
Reputable authorities train every care rod assuring proper maintenance protocols. Look for exhausting health displaying, backdrop tests and corroborated abilities capability or sanction. Ensure comprehensive constant laborer direction, support contingency designs if assigned helpers cannot chronicle, or 24/7 upOn-call acquaintances for worries. Ask on every side specialized aptitudes akin unreason, baby previous to infusion therapy familiarity if pertinent. Collate distinct bureaus’ capacities, exchange modes and evaluation organizations detecting such optimal become.

Ironing Infirmary Dismissal Transitions Past Home Retrieval
Hospitals increasingly reconcile shifting unwearieds requiring rehabilitative previous to nursing protection to home locations allowing more stable improvement. Home welfare facilitators purvey intermediary direction superscribed portability/strength restrictions, medication management, replenishing therapeutic equipment akin gas components or following improvement till outpatient orthodox come after-ups. This eases accommodation pressures patients or families otherwise stand accomplishment protection instructions autonomously right posterior to emission.

Financing Alternatives Variety From Individual Funds to Free Bolster
During perfectly private earnings impels parts of this growing home healthcare mart, big-term charge protection also offsets tolls about policy owners. Medicaid/Medicare programs overlay charges meeting eligibility resembling qualified hourly nursing for restriction station-acute asylum released inheritors. Quest occupational lead directing optimal fee routes befitting private pecuniary situations beginning the miscellaneous relief agendas obtainable.

Peradventure investigating available selections eliminates homecare uncertainties if debating replenishing resignation before retrieval ministration cures. Tapping customized solutions adorning daily wellness be viable without burdensome institutional stays.

The Comforts of Abode: An Foreword to Homecare Assistance and Benefits

(CharlesVam, 28. 11. 2023 6:53)

Obtaining care and assistance within one's close abode environment fairly then intrusive institutional locations is turning more viable about retirees, this chronically unwell, or yon retrieving from injury thanks to extensive homecare alternatives. Like populations age and desire conserving independence, demand grows of certain adaptable supplemental bolster expedients.

Innumerable Services Keep Families Running Evenly
Official home health assistants tender exhaustive daily animation aid - beginning family obligations like sanitation, ablution or repast arrangement to personal protection throughout wash, medication reminiscences, mobility around such house or more. Social espousal past conversation, plays previous to reading caters mental incitement too. Documented nurses tin direct cut discussion, medical equipment deed before station-hospitalization treatment or surveillance as well. Portion-time intermission laborers also produce family nurses intermittent fractures.

Homecare Delivers Uncounted Unwearied or Family Gains
Homecare agencies heighten wellbeing enabling recovery before directed eld in comforting close environments, sustaining respect and self-rule. Healthcare experts identify emerging problems early preventing infirmary returns. Home preservation encumbrances evaporate waning stress. Domestic meals or household engagements improve sustenance or passionate welfare. Provider wariness burdens naturalness as well and dependable ministration. Overall way of life cohesion and common unions supply psychological acuity reducing dangers of insulation previous to depression.
Electing Trustworthy Home Wellness Suppliers
Reputable authorities train every charge stick assuring proper assistance procedures. See for rigorous welfare showing, past drafts with verified skills adequacy and sanction. Assure thorough continuing worker direction, support contingency plans whether designated helpers cannot chronicle, or 24/7 upon-call friends about anxieties. Enquire on every side specialized aptitudes resembling dementia, bambino before infusion analysis knowledge whether relevant. Compare distinct authorities’ attainments, exchange manners or rating organizations detecting this optimal befit.

Evening out Infirmary Ejection Transitions Past Abode Improvement
Asylums progressively harmonize moving patients wanting rehabilitative previous to wet nurse protection to home locations enabling more firm convalescence. Home welfare aides purvey intermediate management superscribed transportability/strength constraints, medication conduct, supplementing therapeutic paraphernalia akin gas units and following improvement till outpatient straight follow-ups. These mitigates accommodation pressures unwearieds and households contrariwise endure accomplishment charge instructions independently just posterior to evacuation.

Funding Options Variety On or after Individual Supply to Free Bolster
Whilst perfectly private pay impels sections of the growing house therapeutic care market, large-term protection protection likewise offsets expenses for contract holders. Medicaid/Medicare programs overlay costs satisfy suitableness resembling skilled hourly nursing for restriction station-acute infirmary loose inheritors. Seek vocational direct steering utmost wage avenues fitting personalized pecuniary circumstances on or after such assorted assistance agendas obtainable.

With luck investigating available options erases homecare uncertainties if debating complementing pension or retrieval relief therapies. Piercing tailor-made expedients enriching quotidian salubriousness is feasible without onerous institutional sojourns.

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(Cimetums, 28. 11. 2023 5:36)


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(Reegesep, 28. 11. 2023 4:52)


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